Lost Paradise Beach, Lake Bunyonyi - Kirangara

Lost Paradise Beach, is a beach of its own kind. It is located in the southwest of Uganda on Lake Bunyonyi, 15 minutes with engine boat drive from Orutindo. It is not one of the 28 islands but a peninsula. It can be accessed also by land with some difficulty, but can be accessed very well with a canoe or motorboat.

It is located direct on water, it is quiet with privacy and with wonderful and green nature. It is one of the affordable beaches on the lake, yet very nice and incredibly beautiful.

A full week (7 days) of stay at lost paradise beach, Lake Bunyonyi costs 100 Euros per person.

Lost Paradise Beach has hosted so far people from Czech Rebublic, Germany, Russia, America, Slovakia, Uganda, Rwanda, France and many more and is waiting to host more from many and different nations. While at Lost Paradise Beach, you can enjoy sugar cane, Passion fruit, Ananas, Banana, Munete, Matooke, Mango, Cat Fish and many more fruits that are on the way. You just need to contact and you will get all the information you need as fast as possible. Visit Uganda, visit Lost Paradise Beach. We are happy to announce, that january 2014 Lost Paradise Beach will organise and host a wedding between two czech citizens. Join us and let swim ourselves off.


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Lost paradise beach in Lake Bunyonyi


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