We organise as well different travels around Uganda. Lost Paradise Beach has got its own travel agency and therefore organises its own tours around Uganda. visit and see:




We organise travels to the national parks, gorillas, chimps, nature walks, hill climbing, visiting hot springs, rivers, local tribes and short stays with the local people. In our tours we travel to different towns and we end our travels with a visit at one of the best music and dance groups in Uganda which flies you away, before you join your real flight!



 Amuti welcomes you to the


Heart of Uganda!



Welcome to „Bodaboda Travel“! We are one of Uganda's unique travel service companies, specialized in alternative tours inside Uganda! Our offer is concentrated on cultural exchange and „real african experience“…                                                                                                                                               We offer tailor made tours for each and all – from 16 to 80 years old – but also children! Make your own composition. We travel in smaller groups of 4-8 people and plan the trip regarding to your wishes. Our program includes tours through the whole of Uganda – including the national parks, the mountains, the tribes, the lakes. But also quiet vacancies at our base in Lost Paradise Beach, Kirangara - Lake Bunyonyi, far away from the noise of towns.

The average price for a tour-package with Bodaboda tours is not more then 100.- to 130.- Euro/Day – all inclusive! And on request we also offer a complete all around service, including the flight tickets! Our next Safaris through Uganda are:


15 days in December/January



Relax and Experience Africa – in this trip we will concentrate on your “African experience”: you will see the beauties of East Africa, meet people in villages, taste local food and customs, meet and experience different tribes, get lessons in drumming and dancing, join cultural performances of the National Theatre and the pygmies, have the possibility for “african wisdom” - therapy, do nature and mountain walks, swim and canoe in lake Bunyonyi – the cleanest lake in Uganda, see elephants and lions in the national park, visit and hike the “mountains of the moon” (Rwenzori), make local banana wine and attend village feasts…

Families with children are welcome! There is also a caretaker for the children and activities for them!



Adventure, National Parks and Tribes in Uganda – This trip is meant for people experienced in traveling and sportive tours. We will start in Rwanda, see the genocide memorial, visit Bwindi impenetrable forest, hike and climb the Volcanoes of Kisoro, go a part of the trip on motorbikes (if wished), visit the National Parks of Queen Elizabeth and Murchinson Falls, Motobike tour to Karamoja, visit the Tribes of Hima and Karamajong, Canoeing on Lake Bunyonyi, Visiting the Hot Springs, the Salt Lake Katwe, the Source of the Nile, and Mount Elgon. This trip is adventurous and fully packed with events and travels and needs good physical condition.


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